• Q: When and where will the event take place?

    A: Friday 22/09/2023, in Turin, Italy. Room: PoliTo Room 7T.

  • Q: Will the paper be published in any proceedings?

    A: Yes, there will be post-workshop proceedings published by Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science, in 1-2 volumes, organized by focused scope and possibly indexed by WOS. However, authors will have the option to exclude their paper from the proceedings, if they want so.

  • Q: Can I attend the workshop without being registered at ECML-PKDD 2023 conference?

    A: The workshop is hosted by ECML-PKDD. Therefore, you have to be registered in order to attend the live sessions and the poster session of our workshop.

  • Q: Is there any additional cost associated with the acceptance of my paper?

    A: There are no additional costs associated with our workshop, as long as you are attending the main ECML-PKDD event.

  • Q: My paper has been accepted. Do I need to create a poster?

    A: It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. The poster boardsare 75cm wide and 200cm high (A1), double sided.

  • Q: My paper has been accepted and I wish to opt-in. What do I need to do?

    A: Please visit the CMT3 platform at https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/ECMLPKDDworkshop2023/Submission/Index to submit the final version of your paper. Ensure the following steps are completed: (a) Upload the PDF file containing your paper. (b) Obtain the copyright form from this link, sign it, and then upload the signed copy on CMT3 along with your PDF submission. (c) Ensure that your paper comprises a minimum of 6-pages, including references, and adheres to the formatting guidelines provided by Springer. Please, ensure that everything will be uploaded by Friday 6/10/2023.